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Le Coq Sportif — Art Direction

We were repeatedly tasked with ad hoc requests for Le Coq Sportif across a number of campaigns, product lines and seasons to create engaging graphic design for print and digital touchpoints that stretched across lookbooks for product ranges, launch events and brand promotion in the UK and beyond.

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Dust — Brand Identity

We co-curated a series of exhibitions that toured Stoke-on-Trent alongside local artist Joyce Iwaszko. They're purpose were to inform and inspire local people about the city's City of Culture bid, by utilising artists that have either lived, worked or studied in the area.

Sarah Richardson — Brand Identity

Sarah is a theatre-maker based in Staffordshire and Cheshire, working on independent projects as well as at the New Vic Theatre, the city's only NPO rated organisation. We created a simple identity and website for her, which captured her playful side in a standalone 'S' mark.

Advantage Creative — Brand Identity

As a key player in business mentoring, support, strategy and development for the creative industries, Advantage Creative required an updated identity design and digital presence to further enforce their services to a wide range of clientele.

Latest News — Posted by Andy — 29.01.17

Do you believe in your product?

Don’t bother — it’s a waste of energy…

Surely you don't need to believe in what you do to be good at it, right? You’re telling me that every graphic designer in the industry pours their heart and soul into every job they do? I’m not so sure... In this, part 2 of the Insight series from Weather, I discuss the importance (or unimportance) of having a solid belief structure around what you do to bring home the bread.

What do I mean by ‘belief’? Well, Wikipedia tells me that belief is ‘an acceptance that something exists or is true...

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New Business

Looking to start a new creative project and think we could help? We've worked with clients that have a global reach, as well as a local reach. We’ve worked with councils, artists, galleries, retail stores, restaurants, screen printers, ceramicists, illustrators and developers. We’ve designed magazines, websites, simple logos, books and complex brand identity systems. Chances are, we can help you with what you're after. Our Business Development Manager, Chris, handles new all business enquiries (and he's available around the clock). Drop him a note by clicking that big button just there.

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Print Isn't Dead — Art Direction

After working with People of Print's director Marcroy for a long time – along with co-authoring and designing the first hardback publication – we worked on the design of PoP's first Print Isn't Dead magazine and set the art direction for the others that followed, too.

Factory — Brand Identity

An identity re-fresh for council-led service Factory, who provide business support for the creative industries. Keeping the 'F' they were renowned for was imperative, along with adding flashes of colour and energy inspired by the very factory we work inside.

Stoke Art Map — Brand Identity

The Stoke Art Map is an annual day of arts activity within the town of Stoke. The initial event in September 2016 involved eleven different arts-based establishments opening their doors or coming out onto the streets. The day was centred around the Spode Rose Garden opening.