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  • 16 September 2016
  • Posted by Andy

In a few weeks time, the Weather team is going on a field trip to Glasgow for Graphic Design Festival Scotland. 

Graphic Design Festival Scotland is an international organisation promoting creativity, innovation, collaboration and challenging ways of thinking through a programme of workshops, talks, panel discussions, exhibitions, competitions, music and urban murals.

The festival promotes the best of international graphic design and visual communication and aims to inspire and educate through active engagement. Networking and socialising play a key role in the festival and we aim to build relationships and networks across the world.

The festival is run by James Gilchrist, Beth Wilson and Toria Donnelly of Glasgow-based design practice, Warriors Studio.

We're excited to be taking part in a two day workshop led by London-based Studio Koto, the brains behind the new Gumtree rebrand, whilst in Glasgow.