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Letterspace Exhibtion 2018

  • 23 April 2018
  • Posted by Tilly

Both Andy and myself (Tilly) were invited to be a part of a new exhibition recently, curated by Lucy Biggs — design lecturer at MMU. The brief was simply to pick and design a letter "either informed by or found within the everyday spaces that make up your life — This might be your home, street, or city, etc. The emphasis is on the connection between the letterform and the space/place whether it be an existing sourced letter or a new letter designed for the project."

Everybody Involved:

A                Dave Sedgwick – Manchester

B                Anthony Burrill – Isle of Oxney, Kent

C                Lucy Biggs – Manchester

D                Tony Brook – London

E                Oded Ezer – Tel Aviv

F                Vicky Carr, Textbook – Manchester 

G                Tilly Goodier-Page – Staffordshire University Graduate

H                Lord Whitney – Leeds

I                 Jim Williams – Manchester

J                 Hannah Wood - Plumstead

K                 Marian Bantjes – Bowen Island, Canada

L                 Lise Brian, The Chase – Manchester

M                Lakwena Maciver – London

N                Angela Roche, Design by Day – Manchester

O                Corin Kennington – London

P                Marie Jones, Kochi Kochi – Manchester

Q                Jon Hill, The Telegraph – London

R                Jo Glover, Tate – London

S                Dan Forster - Leeds – Presenting work of his late father, Tony Forster

T                Sarah Hyndman – London

U                Lawrence Alcock – Manchester School of Art Graduate

V                Radomir Mikulas – Stockport Art School Graduate

W               Andy Cooke, Weather – Stoke-on-Trent

X                Craig Oldham – Manchester

Y                Jonathan Hitchen – Manchester

Z                Paula Scher – New York

Andy Cooke — W 

"The concept of this letter comes from a work/home consistency. My girlfriend, Whitney, is an independent artist and illustrator, specialising in a range of craft-based practices, leading the way with cross stitching and embroidery. The patterned references that are often used with cross stitching employ the same grid design as I've used for the construction of my 'W'. This is also an identical grid to the cutting mats that adorn our studio, and individual desks - white grids over black - that I see, use and interact with every day."

Tilly Goodier-Page — G

"Weston Road is the address for Crewe Hall. It's the gym that I use and I'm there pretty much every day. Several years ago, I started wanting to lose weight, be healthy and move around more. I wanted to do something different for my letterform - something more experimental. I'm really into fitness now so I wanted to concentrate on movement and show that through this 'G'."

Big thank you to Lucy Biggs for asking us to be a part of the exhibition and to Dan Mather's for a great screen print job!

Each letter of the alphabet is limited to 26 prints. Head over to www.letterspace.co.uk to buy a print for a good cause!