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As one of the most respected local training providers, Axia were suffering an identity crisis. They commissioned us to devise a creative strategy, brand position and revitalised brand identity that could be rolled out as they move forward as part of the NSCG.

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Axia are small but mighty — having the prestigious status as Ofsted rated Outstanding — but have struggled to cement themselves as the premier training provider in the area. Part of the enquiry revealed an array of audiences, obstacles and perceptions getting in the way of allowing Axia to realise their true position in the industry. The facts and assets of the organisation had to be made clear


Enquiry had to be undertaken in the form of internal and external stakeholder workshops, as well as 1 to 1 interviews, to really get an understanding of the company: it’s current position and perceptions across the board; it’s ambitions for the future and a renewed approach to creative strategy. Embracing that strategy and letting it pave the way for a new identity and message was imperative.


Audiences defined, messaging prioritised, values, a vision and mission settled — a foundation was created to allow us to design a flexible identity system that ensured the key needs and wants of those audiences were put centre stage. The secondary word after ‘Axia’ is in constant rotation and can be changed to suit the relevant audience, allowing the company to adapt easily with confidence.