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An independent, creative screen printing workshop that hosts practitioner-led workshops, is open for memberships and prints for commercial clients.

  • Brand Identity
  • Art Direction
  • Communications
  • Design for Print
  • Arts & Culture


As a key part of the Entrepreneurs Network, the Present Workshops required a distinct visual identity to help it stand apart and gain traction separately from the company’s other endeavours, whilst still being able to link and stand beside them.


Combining the heritage nature of screen printing as a printing method, together with a modern feel appropriate to the surrounding area, the idea of a literal present was visualised in a heptagon and Staffordshire Knot as the bow against a stencilled serif typeface and striking palette.


Combined with bitmap images that references the dot patterns so prominent in screen printing, a design system was created that leads with information at all points in a clear and concise manner. The addition of cyan throughout clearly differentiates from other projects created by the company.